Is there such thing as MORE Ultimate?
Yes, but only when we add Ceramic Sealant to our Ultimate Wash.

Ceramics are commonly used in high-end auto detailing, and are known to deliver:

  • MORE durability
  • MORE water-beading qualities
  • MORE UV protection
  • MORE ability to produce a high-gloss finish
You can now purchase Ceramic Sealant when selecting the Ultimate Wash at our Loveland and Jeffersonville locations.
Stop by Loveland or Jeffersonville and give Ceramic Sealant a try.
If you're curious about Ceramic Sealant, or would like to know why we are testing the product, here are a few FAQs:
What is Ceramic Sealant?
Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. It blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.
Should I Ceramic coat my car?
Ceramic Sealant provides better protection than our clear coat or wax, while enchancing the gloss and keeping your vehicle looking cleaner, longer. Sealants and waxes sit on top of the paint as a sacrificial layer that breaks down quickly, is not chemical resistant and offers no additional strength to the paint.
What will I see on my car after Ceramic Sealant has been applied?
With a good ceramic coating you will see an improvement in the shine. Because of the hydrophobic properties, you will see water move off the surface faster in the form of beads of water. In the rain, you will see improved visibility through the windows. Water that moves from the surface easier means you will see better drying and improved/less spotting.
Why is Ceramic Sealant only available to Ultimate Wash customers?
In our initial testing, we discovered that Ceramic Sealant, when applied alongside our FastWax product, actually provides a greater shine than either product alone would deliver. We are featuring Ceramic as an addition to our Ultimate Wash because FastWax is included in the Ultimate Wash.
Why are you only offering Ceramic Sealant on a test or trial basis in just a few locations?
We want to be absolutely certain our loyal Ultimate Wash customers feel that Ceramic Sealant is a significant enhancement to their carwash experience. We want to make sure the product chemistry, application, and wash quality are perfect before expanding to all Mike's locations.